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My life...from 4 view points.

A quick catch up over the past couple weeks...its been a rollarcoaster, but the highs have been as high as ever. Below are many views of my life to catch you up as I write a current post. ALEXEY VERMEULEN'S WORLD OF DREAMS: Despite my situation, the support surrounding me and the constant forward motion has kept me mentally sane and kept my mind on track...if you have a few minutes, and haven't read it yet, James Startt of PELETON magazine did a great piece on me. The timing could not have been better (or worse) depending on how you look at it. James found me about a week after I had been told by Lotto that I would not have a contract for the next season. Trying to deal with the injustices as professionally as possible. Thanks to James for writing it so that you can feel a bit of my emotion. Hope you enjoy. "If you watched this year’s world championships road race, you could not help but see American Alexey Vermeulen. He was that U.S. rider wearing the stars-and-stri…

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