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Bonelli Park: Baby Steps - First UCI race EVER on the mountain bike

Changing the kind of bike you race is more difficult than it sounds, and no matter how many times that I say it out loud, I am still convincing myself that I race mountain bikes professionally now.
Ps. There is a lot of learning to be done. VIDEO:
This past weekend was Bonelli Park, my first introduction to UCI racing on the dirt… and MAN was I nervous. Being nervous for a race is good, and normal in my experience, but it was quite an odd feeling to be going into a bike race without much knowledge of what to expect at all.After over 10 years of racing the simple concept of toeing the start line at an XCO race was new to me…I can explain it pretty easily though…you wait for your name to be called.
I arrived in San Dimas mid-day Friday (a day before the racing started), after driving from Santa Monica. Once there I met up with some friends and went to pre ride the course. My first thoughts: “Wow, these guys ride hard all the time” and “…

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