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My 13 favorite things about Austria

As my thoughts on China seemed to interest people, here are my 13 favorite things about Austria, my European home for the past year. In no particular order, here goes...

1. Stop Lights: Situated similarly to our stop lights and with the same colors, the order in which the lights are used makes you feel like you are toeing the start line of an F1 race. Before green you get a 2 second red and yellow mark to rev your engine.
2. Kaiserschmarrn: Best described by an American as a broken up pancake that is served with jam and apple sauce. It is a traditional Austrian dish - mainly served up on top of mountains in small huts. 
3. Austrian (the airline): As I read yesterday, this evaluation is not just my belief...Austrian Airlines is ranked top 10 for best airlines in the world. A couple of things create my love for Austrian...firstly as an athlete is the food. Austrian's food is 5x better than anything else that I have ever had on a place, even in economy. Second, their customer service is…

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