A pole to forget

XC skiing with the family.We went skiing at Huron Meadows on Saturday with most of the family. (Me, Vincent, Mama, Papa) I was skate skiing and my parents and Vincent were classic skiing. As I headed off on a trail I was skiing easy just getting warmed up. About 10 minutes into my ski I started to two pole and all of a sudden my right pole started to have a good amount of flex. I was thinking to myself wow I must have gotten strong since my last ski, seconds later the pole just goes out from under me. I had snapped the pole the bottom 7 inches hanging on by threads of carbon. I went back to the car and my dad was there and he was kind enough to lend me his poles to use for the time being. I skied for about 1 hour and 45 minutes, working on technique and learning to go fast. I may be racing 15k next weekend with Lucas Wall but we will see. I am not quite sure I'm ready for that distance yet. I am really getting into this sport of skiing it makes you work so hard even when your going easy... I like that. After skiing The family headed off toward Kalamazoo so that I could go riding with Rudy and also so he and I could go pick up our TT Bikes which Priority Health has Kindly provided. I will keep ya updated with Pictures soon.


  1. So much for Norway... Checkout the yesterday's Vancouver 15k results: http://www.vancouver2010.com/olympic-cross-country-skiing/schedule-and-results/mens-15-km-free_ccm015101zp.html
    Hellner has got to be eating his heart-out, he was in the lead at 8k and then looses the bronze by 1.5 seconds in total exhaustion.

  2. You riding for Priority this year? 2 new bikes and getting into XC skiing. You are a busy (and very lucky) kid haha. I wanted to get into skiing this year, but lack of funds made it not possible. I would like to get into it next year and ski with you and Lucas every weekend.


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