Papas Perfect Gluing Job

My dads perfect tubular gluing job was really cool... until I flatted today. This would be my first tubular flat. My dad had just past on his way into Chelsea so he was able to turn around and take me home to grab a new wheel and head back out. The tubular tyre was on the rim so well that it took some time to work it off at home, but I'm glad that it was I don't want it coming off. After the flatting I was riding again in about 20 Min's. I was without my power tap and the computer would work without it. I had to do Intervals so the only thing I had was my I pod I did the first one with my I pod but it was a struggle. About half way through my rest between efforts an old man pulled up in his car and offered to time me for me two remaining intervals. I thought this was very cool and it made things much much easier. The remainder of my ride went as planned I arrived in Chelsea around 12:15. I went into Aberdeen just as a stopping spot and finished my ride. Overall a great day, the snow and rain held out so I wouldn't get cold on my ride. I cant wait for racing to commence.


  1. I put about a 1/3 of a bottle of sealant in all of my tubulars. That way it prevents me from from getting flats from little holes. Tubulars are too expensive to get tiny flats.

  2. Sorry for the late response, yes I use Stans. It has done wonders for me. I have yet to flat while using the sealant (knock on wood).


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