Beautiful Day For a Ride

I went on a recovery ride with my dad yesterday. It was great we did our "Hadley route" its about 30 miles. The day was so nice I just wanted to ride forever. You could just feel the sun on your back as you flew down the road. I ended up getting a slow leak in my rear tubular tyre. Thats the second tubular I have flated on in the few months I have used the wheel. Tubulars are not cheap so I am looking into learning how to patch them. Anybody have any tips? School is going well can not wait until chools out and the racing season is offical. Then and only then I can just ride... I can only imagine right now. 32 days left!!!!


  1. Don't use tubulars as a training tire?

    Tufo makes a sealant that works pretty well.

  2. Exactly! lol Put sealant in your tubulars. They are too expensive to be wasted on stupid little flats.


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