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Headed to Yellowstone Tomorrow!

Great Weekend - My Birthday, Rems Birthday and a Mtn. Bike ride on the ice

Road ID

Team Mini Camp

All packed up again!

Back on the bike and loving it!

Andy and Frank Schleck get interviewed

Cross Country State Championships

Regional Champs!


The road from cycling to cross country

Day Fifty - Back in the US.

Day forty Nine in Copenhagen, Denmark - Junior World Championships!

Day Forty Eight in Copenhagen, Denmark - eve of the world championships!

Day Forty seven in Copenhagen, Denmark - Official training day!

Day Forty Six in Copenhagen, Denmark - Worlds course.

Day Forty Five in Copenhagen, Denmark - Long day of travel!

Day Forty Four in Belgium - Rest Day.

Day Forty Three in Belgium - Rain, Wind and cow poo.

Day Forty Two in Belgium - 2nd Kermesse win!

Day Forty one in Belgium - Pro Race!

Day Forty in Belgium - Starting to pack!

Day Thirty Nine in Belgium - Intervals!

Day Thirty Eight in Belgium - Pro Kermesse!

Day Thirty Seven in Belgium - Back in Izegem!

Day Thirty Six in Germany - 4th and final stage of the Regio Tour!

Day Thirty Five in Germany - Regio Tour Stage 3!

Day Thirty Four in Belgium - Regio Tour stage 2!

Day Thirty Three in Germany - UPHILL TIME TRIAL!

Day Thirty Two in Belgium - Long Drive!

Day Thirty One in Belgium - Adventure time!

Day Thirty in Belgium - Relaxation!

Day Twenty Nine in Switzerland - Last Stage!

Day Twenty Eight in Switzerland - Double Day!

Day Twenty Seven in Switzerland - Real Racing!

Day Twenty Six in Belgium - Switzerland!

Day Twenty Five in Belgium - Packing up!

Day Twenty Four in Belgium - Last Kermesse!

Day Twenty Three in Belgium - Relaxation!

Day Twenty Two in Belgium - Flats!

Day Twenty One in Belgium - Crash.

Day Twenty in Belgium - USA CLOTHES!!!

Day Nineteen in Belgium - Crystal Cranks!

Day eighteen in Belgium - more flowers!

Day Seventeen in Belgium - Relax!

Day Sixteen in Belgium - Rest Day!

Day Fifteen in Belgium - Toast!

Day Fourteen in Belgium - First Kermesse Win!

Day thirteen in Belgium -

Day Twelve in Belgium - Beautiful Day

Day Eleven in Belgium - Lost

Day ten in Belgium - Close calls

Day Nine - Taylor Phinney!

Belgium Day Eight- Bumps!

Day seven in Belgium- Hot Cream

Day six in Belgium- The Smell of Diesel

Day five in Belgium- Pannenkoeken!

Belgium Day Four- Kermesse Racing!

Day three in Belgium- Firsts

Day two in Belgium- Belgium Toothpaste

First day in Belgium!

Junior national championships