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Day Twenty Five in Belgium - Packing up!

Day Twenty Four in Belgium - Last Kermesse!

Day Twenty Three in Belgium - Relaxation!

Day Twenty Two in Belgium - Flats!

Day Twenty One in Belgium - Crash.

Day Twenty in Belgium - USA CLOTHES!!!

Day Nineteen in Belgium - Crystal Cranks!

Day eighteen in Belgium - more flowers!

Day Seventeen in Belgium - Relax!

Day Sixteen in Belgium - Rest Day!

Day Fifteen in Belgium - Toast!

Day Fourteen in Belgium - First Kermesse Win!

Day thirteen in Belgium -

Day Twelve in Belgium - Beautiful Day

Day Eleven in Belgium - Lost

Day ten in Belgium - Close calls

Day Nine - Taylor Phinney!

Belgium Day Eight- Bumps!

Day seven in Belgium- Hot Cream

Day six in Belgium- The Smell of Diesel

Day five in Belgium- Pannenkoeken!

Belgium Day Four- Kermesse Racing!

Day three in Belgium- Firsts

Day two in Belgium- Belgium Toothpaste

First day in Belgium!