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Day forty Nine in Copenhagen, Denmark - Junior World Championships!

Day Forty Eight in Copenhagen, Denmark - eve of the world championships!

Day Forty seven in Copenhagen, Denmark - Official training day!

Day Forty Six in Copenhagen, Denmark - Worlds course.

Day Forty Five in Copenhagen, Denmark - Long day of travel!

Day Forty Four in Belgium - Rest Day.

Day Forty Three in Belgium - Rain, Wind and cow poo.

Day Forty Two in Belgium - 2nd Kermesse win!

Day Forty one in Belgium - Pro Race!

Day Forty in Belgium - Starting to pack!

Day Thirty Nine in Belgium - Intervals!

Day Thirty Eight in Belgium - Pro Kermesse!

Day Thirty Seven in Belgium - Back in Izegem!

Day Thirty Six in Germany - 4th and final stage of the Regio Tour!

Day Thirty Five in Germany - Regio Tour Stage 3!

Day Thirty Four in Belgium - Regio Tour stage 2!

Day Thirty Three in Germany - UPHILL TIME TRIAL!

Day Thirty Two in Belgium - Long Drive!

Day Thirty One in Belgium - Adventure time!

Day Thirty in Belgium - Relaxation!

Day Twenty Nine in Switzerland - Last Stage!

Day Twenty Eight in Switzerland - Double Day!

Day Twenty Seven in Switzerland - Real Racing!

Day Twenty Six in Belgium - Switzerland!