BMC Training Camp - Day 3

Recovery day! Today we woke up with the peace of mind that our legs would not be beaten and battered. After an early morning core session with Ted we went to breakfast. I had a little less to eat being that it would be a shorter less difficult day on the bike. After getting dressed we headed downstairs to relax in the sun before the ride. Around 10 am we headed out on the ride. On the way to the coffee shop I had a good talk with Larry Warbasse about Michigan. We stopped at the coffee shop for a good chunk of time and just sat out in the sun and sipped warm drinks! When we were finished with coffee we rode back to the hotel.
We had tacos for lunch from our amazing soigneurs which I took up to my room and ate in the sun on our balcony. The rest of the day was spent relaxing and prepping for tomorrows ride which will be one to remember. Around 6 hours including many hard efforts and tests is planned. Stay tuned for the epic ride!