Training camp...let the adventures of 2014 begin!

As my alarm went off at 5 am I was up and out of bed, I was not dressing for an early morning run or going to the gym, I woke up early because it was going to take me over an hour to make the normally 30 minute trip to catch my shuttle to the airport.
I caught my shuttle just in the nick of time and arrived at the airport with plenty of time to catch my flight. After getting through security unscathed, I made my way to my gate. On the way I picked up the essentials for flights. I got some water, a couple snacks including some dried mangos and nuts and a quick muffin for a small breakfast. Walking to my gate there were people sleeping everywhere, " there must have been a lot of flight cancellations last night" I thought to myself, hoping my flight would take off on time. At the gate everything looked good and I was set to board at 8 and take off around 8:40. I ate my muffin and talked with a guy next to me about the Winter Classic (hockey game at the u of m football stadium). As I was walking down the aisle there was a cute girl a couple people in front of me...I watched hoping she might sit in the seat next to me but it wasn't to be. She sat one row in front...may be next time!
In the end I had a great seatmate though, which made for some good conversation. Although we left the gate on time, we did not take off until about 10 am. As we sat in the line of planes waiting to get de-iced the weather started to deteriorate and you could only see about 200 feet away before it was a white out with winds whipping around. After we finally got de-iced we took off problem free and got above the clouds quickly to feel the warmth of the sun. The flight passed somewhat quickly as I read a magazine and listened to music. Before long we were landing in LAX airport...somewhat on time for how long we had sat on the tarmac in Detroit...but that did not last too long as we waited to get into our gate for over 30 minutes. I got off the plane around 12 and made the walk to baggage claim to get my bag. I got my bag and then waited for my teammates before we started the drive from LA to Solvang California. It was quite a beautiful drive consisting of Pacific Coast Highway, a drive through the mountains and a couple gnarly car crashes/traffic jams. We arrived in Solvang around 5 pm. It is a quaint, lively little danish town. We got some of our new clothing, our room keys and went up to our rooms to relax for a couple of hours before dinner. Dinner was a 7:30 and was delicious! I had a pork chop with lots of veggies and risotto on the side. We got back to the room around 9pm. I got ready for bed and talked a bit with my roommate Tyler. I have missed him, great conversations and moments with Tyler! We drifted off to sleep sometime around 10, ready for our first day of training camp the next day.


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