My life...from 4 view points.

A quick catch up over the past couple weeks...its been a rollarcoaster, but the highs have been as high as ever. Below are many views of my life to catch you up as I write a current post. ALEXEY VERMEULEN'S WORLD OF DREAMS: Despite my situation, the support surrounding me and the constant forward motion has kept me mentally sane and kept my mind on track...if you have a few minutes, and haven't read it yet, James Startt of PELETON magazine did a great piece on me. The timing could not have been better (or worse) depending on how you look at it. James found me about a week after I had been told by Lotto that I would not have a contract for the next season. Trying to deal with the injustices as professionally as possible. Thanks to James for writing it so that you can feel a bit of my emotion. Hope you enjoy.
"If you watched this year’s world championships road race, you could not help but see American Alexey Vermeulen. He was that U.S. rider wearing the stars-and-stripes jersey who was in the breakaway for more than five hours. But right after that performance the 22-year-old was hit with the hard reality of professional cycling, because, despite a promising first two years on the UCI WorldTour, his LottoNL-Jumbo team has not renewed his contract. PELOTON caught up with the mild-mannered Vermeulen from Pinckney, Michigan, at his European home in Girona, Spain. He looked back on his past two years as a professional…and forward to his future." To continue reading on Peleton, please click the link. WORLDS OVERVIEW from CYCLINGTIPS: Interested in numbers? Wonder what it takes to make the breakaway or attack at the World Championships? Take a look at this article that takes spectators behind the scenes and breaks down the WC road race! Cyclingtips Article - By the Numbers
BELGIUM CHAOS - FINAL RACE? Racing my heart out at what could be the final race of the season. I would have loved to be racing the famous Il Lombardia this weekend as I wrote about last year, but alas that is not my decision! Eurometropole is what I was handed and even though it was notoriously a sprinters game, I did my best to put my name on the race. Below is a replay of the final 20 km...I attack to bridge up to a group for the first time with about 10km to go before going solo with 7 km just as the peloton catches us. The rest of the race is carnage as I am caught by the front 20 riders and fight to hang on. My heart gets the best of me as I go again with 2 km to go. Finally finishing 15th, absolutely proud of my race. Click the link below to watch!
WARREN BROTHERS PODCAST: Made during Eurometropole...Dean and Randy caught up with me on skype to hear about my season. A bit of an overlap with the PELOTON article, but always easier to answer with words and not try to make it fit on paper. Take a listen here...Podcast I come on around 40 minutes into the podcast if you are short on time.
Over the last few weeks I have had limited time, although as a cyclist I have come to realize that it is more a lack of good time management. Either way, I think this is a good start to catch everyone up...if you get through all of this OR have already seen/read the above links...comment or send me a message somewhere and I will give you some behind the scenes of a unposted interview that is coming soon! Thanks for reading! Working on managing my time and getting a post up from my new base in Klagenfurt, Austria. Attempting to learn German and I will without a doubt keep you guys posted on my encounters with the non English speakers here...there are sure to be some laughs and some mispronunciations. For now, Pfiati (Carinthian Dialect)


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